About Us


Josi is Danish, was born in France but grew up mostly in the UK.  She studied Business & Spanish at Exeter University. She enjoys singing, cooking and experiencing new things. Travel has always been something she has enjoyed - especially in Europe and South/North America but John has brought out more of an adventurer in her! John and Josi married in 2012 and in 2013/2014 took a sabbatical to travel in Russia, China, Mongolia, Nepal and Africa.  

Josi's areas of "expertise": 
  • Planning & organising
  • Navigation
  • The "technical" stuff (as John calls it!)
  • Day-to-day photography
  • Relaxing with [insert name of local tipple]

John was born in the UK but is half Swedish. He studied Law at LSE and having qualified stayed in the profession for 9 years - that was sufficient!  Following this he set up his own business as a property developer in London.  John has always loved travel and the outdoors, particularly big mountains and off the beaten track places. His favourite places include Sweden, Alaska, Nepal and the high Andes.

John's areas of "expertise":

  • Visas and paperwork
  • All things camping and BBQ related
  • Photography (specialist!)
  • Mechanical (much delegation and drinking of tea)
  • Locating good watering holes
We hope you enjoy reading the blog!