23 Jan 2014

Nightlife In South Luangwa

Zambia: South Luangwa National Park, Lusaka, Kitwe

We had heard so many good things about South Luangwa National Park that, having missed out on it during our first crossing of Zambia, we were determined to visit it on our return journey. The historically bad road from Chipata to the park entrance at Mfuwe has now been completely tarred – so what could have been a 6 hour journey turned out to be a mere 2 hours! 

We stayed at *Croc Valley Camp* and made our way into the park as soon as we arrived.  The road was easy driving and we made our way around seeing a variety of animals including elephants, variety of birds of prey, the quite rare wild dogs and our first snake – a rather beautiful young puff adder.

In the evening we went on the highly acclaimed night drive.  As soon as we got into the car the heavens opened.  We were provided with de-rigour yellow ponchos – a fashion fate far worse than the alternative soaking.  But the open cab provided no shelter at all for the driver and guide…they got completely drenched.  

As the rain dried up we drove past a male antelope displaying his leaps and flicking his hind legs upwards as he bounced along the ground. This was followed by what looked like a competition amongst others who wanted to join in.

As the sun began to set, we stopped by the riverside for a sundowner.  It was a beautiful sunset, which was made more exciting by a hyena coming closer to inspect the commotion. 

Continuing our night drive in the dark and with a spotlight being expertly beamed all around us, we were lucky to spot a leopard heading off in search of some food.  Having seen both the front end and the back end of a leopard, this was the first full leopard we saw. Victory! 

Having had a wild night in the park, it was now time to head into the capital city for a wild night.  Well, being quite tired, wild was a curry and a trip to the cinema. 

Then we pointed Tonka North towards Kitwe where we were going to meet Henry and Joyce from Wukwashi Wa Nzambi – a charity which enables disabled children to reach their full potential.

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