14 Dec 2013

“Karibu Sana”

Border crossing: Kenya to Tanzania


Name: Isebania

No. of officials: 6

Building: 3 buildings for Kenya exit, 2 buildings for Tanzania entry

Time taken:  1 hour

Other:  Arriving into this border crossing, our car was immediately and forcibly stopped by a stinger being laid right in front of our front tyres and we were ordered to pay the equivalent of 50p as a council payment to leave the county/country – the receipt was a small piece of paper.  We were pleased to be able to say that this was the only time any ridiculous “extra” cost was asked of us in Kenya.  As is now usual, the touts started to follow us and ask questions.  Here we had no problem with immigration but in Customs there was a guy who answered as the customs officer but was actually an “agent”.  We refused to pay him his “agent fees” for passing our Carnet from our hands to the hands of the actual customs officer.  The Tanzanian office was bliss.  Easy to navigate – no hassle – lovely staff who were interested in our journey and telling us how to get to our next destination.  A perfect start to re-entering Tanzania.  It’s also worth mentioning that we were able to get in on our previous Tanzanian visa as we had only travelled in East African Community.  We heard some people had had issues with that.

Hassle factor: 3/10

Days in Kenya: 6
Days in Africa: 97

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