9 Dec 2013

“I don’t accept these Dollars”

Border crossing: Uganda to Kenya


Name: Malaba

No. of officials: 5

Building: 2 buildings for Uganda exit, 3 buildings for Kenya entry

Time taken:  1 hour 20 minutes

Other: Ugandan Customs is reached first and then Immigration which were all simple and passed without incident.  The Kenyan side was a little more complicated.  We had to pay for our visas ($50 each) – we were expecting that but interestingly they did not accept any dollars with even a millimetre of a tear in them – they said the bank wouldn’t accept them!  So the notes had to be post 2004 and without any tear – in fact, preferably completely new.  He threw the money back at us and said “I don’t accept this, it is not good enough” – so we had to delve further into our dwindling supplies of dollars to find some “perfect” dollars!  After a quick customs check and a police check, we were in.

Hassle factor: 5/10

Days in Uganda: 8 (not including the first Southern stint!)
Days in Africa: 91

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