29 Nov 2013

“There seems to be a problem”

Border crossing: Uganda to Rwanda (and back!)


Name: Gatuna/Katuna

No. of officials: 5

Buildings: 3 buildings for Uganda exit, 2 buildings for Rwanda entry

Time taken:  2 hours Uganda-Rwanda, 1 hour Rwanda-Uganda

Other: On arrival at the border everything seems a little chaotic.  The exit from Uganda was very straight forward (as was the re-entry), but entering Rwanda seemed to be more difficult for a Dane than for a Brit.  John was given a stamp immediately in a similar style to the many others in line, but Josi was given a once over and asked “what passport is this?” to which I answered the quite obvious “Danish” and then a lot of head shaking was set upon amongst the staff.  But I had filed in the online form which had granted me access to Rwanda, so I presented him with this form but this seemed to do nothing to please him and he said “wait to the side” and carried on serving others.  After 15 minutes I asked how it was going and he said “hmm, well there seems to be a problem. Please wait.” It seemed that this was a standard procedure, and that all those needing a visa should wait and then having paid the fee in a separate office 5 minutes away – be presented with a passport at least 20 minutes later with the same stamp as everyone else. 

Hassle factor: 5/10 (because Josi has a DK passport!)

Days in (South) Uganda: 8

Days in Rwanda: 3

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