17 Nov 2013

My Nickname is “Great Deal On ForEx”

Border crossing: Malawi to Tanzania


Name: Kasumulu

No. of officials: 5

Building: 1 building for Malawi exit, 2 buildings for Tanzanian entry

Time taken:  2 hours

Other: Leaving Tanzania was a bit of a hassle as they needed to “make our visa” which look 25 minutes and turned out to just be a stamp with some writing!  We also had to wait to pay the road tax of $5 for 7 days or $25 for 30 days.  We also showed our yellow fever certificates here.  The biggest annoyance at this border was money changers, in particular one who said his nickname was "Great Deal on ForEx" (a long story, best forgotten) – always know what you are exchanging and make sure you are given what is agreed – which can be challenging in a currency with so many 0’s…

Hassle factor: 8/10

Days in Malawi: 21

Days in Africa: 70

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