25 Nov 2013

Crossing into Uganda

Border crossing: Tanzania to Uganda


Name: Mutukula

No. of officials: 5

Buildings: 2 buildings for Tanzania exit, 2 buildings for Uganda entry

Time taken:  2 hours

Other: This border crossing is hard to navigate.  There are two unassuming buildings a hundred metres before a padlocked gate – these are the Tanzanian Immigration & Customs rooms.  This was the first customs border that checked Tonka’s carnet against the chassis number etc.  But it was the second border crossing where, when John had disappeared for 2 minutes, the Customs officer started his advances on Josi!  Entering Uganda, you had to go on foot to Customs and Immigration (past the padlocked gate), leaving your car, effectively, in Tanzania while you prepared the documents to then be let in. Contrary to the guidebook, you do need to buy road tax of $25 for 1 month’s cover.  For a change, the touts here seem to listen to you when you say you don’t need any money changing, so it was quite a pleasant experience from that point of view.

Hassle factor: 4/10

Days in (West) Tanzania: 8
Days in Africa: 78

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