28 Oct 2013

A Warm Welcome to Malawi

Border crossing: Zambia to Malawi


Name: Mchinji

No. of officials: 5

Building: 3

Time taken: 1 hour

Other: Crossing was smooth with Customs & Immigration in the same building (one for each Zambia & Malawi).  No Visas needed.  But instead Josi had the first “hassle” of the trip – the official in Malawi Immigration looked at her and said “hmm, I love blonde girls, I don’t know why” while doing the twin handed groping gesture…what a warm welcome!

No Road Tax is needed as the car is less than 3 tons.  The part that took the longest was Third Party Insurance – you had to get touts to exchange your Zambian Kwatcha into Malawian Kwatcha in order to pay the insurance as they apparently “didn’t take any other currencies”.  While we were waiting for this Josi chatted to two local children who would have taken everything she owned if they could – they even asked for the car!

Hassle factor: 3/10

Days in Zambia:11
Days in Africa: 49

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