24 Jul 2013

It's time for Africa!

John and I are very excited to have completed the first part of our travels in Russia, Mongolia, Nepal, China and Indonesia.  We have had so many experiences and shared as many as we could here.  We have been amazed that we have already reached the milestone of 5,000 hits!

Tomorrow we put our Toyota Land Cruiser on board the ship to Africa and have only a few more weeks until we join TONKA in Namibia!  Over the next six months we will visit Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Tanzania, Malawi, Mozambique, Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya and South Africa. 

While in Zambia, we will be volunteering alongside locals who run Wukwashi, a local project which is supported by a charity that is close to our hearts – Bethany Children’s Trust.  Wukwashi has been set up to enable children with disability to live full and fulfilling lives, to tackle the stigma of disability and to rehabilitate and re-integrate mentally and physically impaired children into their communities. 

As well as volunteering, we are taking out supplies and items they desperately need.  We would like to reach our fundraising target of £5,000 before we arrive in Zambia, but really need your support to achieve this.  Your donations will be used to buy items which are difficult to source locally, such as food supplementsmedical suppliessanitary items and cameras for operations. The money will also go towards purchasing wheelchairs from a local manufacturer (at £180 each), thereby helping the wider economy, and also towards a grinding mill to generate income for the work of Wukwashi. 

Thanks in advance for any help and support you can give us in regards to our visit to Wukwashi on behalf of Bethany Children’s Trust.


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