22 May 2013

Josi's Top Ten: China

These were our top 10 things in China (in no particular order) – obviously, they are not the top 10 things to do necessarily and perhaps they just came at the right time in our journey for us to appreciate them, but nonetheless, these were our top 10:
  1. Yangshuo stunning scenery with bamboo rafting & cycling
  2. The Great Wall
  3. Wang’s Courtyard – near Pingyao
  4. Labrang Monastery – in Xiahe
  5. Cycling Xian city wall
  6. Meeting & “talking” to Tibetans
  7. Scenery from bus journeys in Gansu province
  8. Chengdu’s Sims Cosy Garden Hostel
  9. Seeing the “true Chinese” culture of the people in Songpan
  10. Sichuan dinner in Shinfang 123 – in Chongqing


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