5 Mar 2013

Things we walked past: Russia

We wanted to capture some things we walked past on our travels through Russia that didn’t fit a particular blog but gives an indication of some random things that you could expect to see.

Things we noted:

  • Everything is measured and paid for by the gram, from an ice-cream in a cone to a main meal in a restaurant.
  • In a restaurant, vodka is cheaper than water, skol!
  • Music & radio is pumped out into the streets – so you have no choice whether you want to have peace on the streets or not!
  • Russian’s drink loads of tea…apparently over 80% of Russians drink tea daily.  We certainly increased our tea consumption while we were there.
  • Russian’s make great bread – we tried lots of different styles on our travels and they were all tasty.
  • Many shops, supermarkets and restaurants are hidden away and hard to find.  We were told this is because many people opened businesses in their flats or apartment blocks post-communism. 
  • Cars are number one, pedestrians are left to fend for themselves on multi-lane roads (apart from in Moscow where there are underground tunnels!)

Things we saw:



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