5 Mar 2013

Josi's Top Tips: Russia

These were our top 10 things in Russia (in no particular order) – obviously, they are not the top 10 things to do in Russia necessarily and perhaps they just came at the right time in our journey for us to appreciate them, but nonetheless, these were our top 10:
  1. Lake Baikal – awe-inspiring
  2. Irkutsk – an interesting city – architecturally and culturally
  3. Seeing the great expanses of landscape & datcha’s from the train
  4. Trying all classes of carriage in the Trans-Siberian railway & meeting people – pleasant & “interesting” – our favourites being Mr. Fredricksen & the ex-Vladvostok prison inmate!
  5. Romanov Memorial in Yekaterinburg
  6. Nizhny Novgorod – great atmosphere & people
  7. Getting to grips with the culture & history of such a vast country
  8. Russian Banya with our host Nikolai from Baikal Dream
  9. Trying all the food & the Russian vodka
  10. Getting out of the country on time!!


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