10 Feb 2013

The last bits & pieces

Still a few things to add &
a few things to take away!
Right, what a week we are having. 

  • Chinese visa: CHECK
  • Packing laid out on the floor ready to pack: CHECK
  • Tickets out of UK: CHECK
  • Leaving Drinks: DOUBLE-CHECK

We were really excited that so many turned up to our leaving drinks & travel update on Thursday.  We were also really touched by the support and interest in our charity – Bethany Children’s Trust and specifically to Wukwashi Wa Nzambi which we will visit in Zambia.

We gave a small travel update on where we were going (see Planned Route tab) and about Bethany Children's Trust and how we will be helping in Zambia this year (see Fundraising for BCT tab).  

We had arranged a few things on the night in order to raise some money for BCT, these were:

  • J&J donating £1 for every drink bought.  We raised £60!!  Although we think the bar lady’s tally may not have been quite right as we saw quite a few cunning ½ pints being bought!
  • Collection box on the evening added up to an amazing £58.79!
  • Auction of a half day off-roading session in our 4x4 - TONKA in the summer raised £102 – congratulations to Dave!
  • Nystrom Adventure Quiz – a quiz of geographical, historical, sport & general knowledge on the areas we will be visiting was won by Paul & Charles – congratulations!  (see quiz & answers below)

As many of you know, we had not booked any tickets as we wanted to wait for our Chinese visa first.  But today we made that leap!  We decided, after much deliberation, that we would like to enter Russia by train & leave my train (into Mongolia, as planned).  So, we have booked plane tickets to Helsinki and will take the Tolstoi train (overnight) from there to Moscow.

Our adventures begins on Wednesday 13th February at 5.00am!


Nystrom Adventure Quiz

1.       What is the land area of Russia in square miles?
c   2,262,100
c   6,592,800
c   8,416,300
c   12,239,700

2.       Which Russian author wrote “Lolita"?

3.   What was the name of the last Russian Tsar who was assassinated with his family in Yekaterinburg in 1917?

4.       What is the volume of water in Lake Baikal in Siberia in cubic miles?
c   770
c   1,290
c   3,900
c   5,700

5.       Which fearsome 12th century figure was the founder and emperor of the Mongol Empire?

6.       Which of the following cities has NOT been a capital of China?
c   Xian
c   Nanjing
c   Shanghai
c   Chengdu

7.       How many countries share a land border with China?
c   9
c   13
c   16
c   18

8.     What is the capital of Botswana?

9.     In which year was Haile Selassie deposed in Ethiopia by the Soviet backed “Derg"?

10.  What country now comprises the former region of Rhodesia?

11.  Who was president of Uganda from 1971 to 1979?

12.   In what year was Nelson Mandela freed from prison in South Africa?
c   1989
c   1990
c   1991
c   1992

13.   What is the capital of Ethiopia?

14.   Which Welsh/American explorer uttered the famous greeting “Dr Livingstone, I presume?”

15.   How many recognised sovereign states are there in Africa?
c   34
c   44
c   54
c   64

16.   Mozambique is a former colony of which European country?

17. Which 2009 Sci-Fi film directed by Neill Blomkamp took its inspiration from South Africa’s apartheid era?

18.   How high is Mount Kilimanjaro in metres?
c   5,895
c   5,945
c   5,975
c   6,070

19.   In what year did the Springboks make their World Cup debut, and (for a bonus point), which team did they beat 15-12 in that final?

20.   How many life-saving malnutrition supplements can £20 buy?
c   15
c   25
c   35
c   45

  1. Nystrom Adventure Quiz Answers

  1. B
  2. Vladimir Nabokov
  3. Nicholas II
  4. D
  5. Genghis Khan
  6. C
  7. C
  8. Gaborone
  9. 1974
  10. Zimbabwe
  11. Idi Amin
  12. B
  13. Addis Ababa
  14. Henry Stanley
  15. C
  16. Portugal
  17. District 9
  18. A
  19. 1995, All Blacks
  20. D

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